We provide marketing and communications consultancy so that our clients can make the most of the opportunity to connect with the people who matter most.

Via Brett is an agency that is founded on right thinking, market and technological awareness, and the ability to communicate in a way that connects with your audiences on the topics that matter most to them- and of course, using the channels that they are using.

The world is changing, how people shop and consume and connect is changing- to survive in business, to remain relevant to the market, we must adapt to the changing circumstances.

We understand how to use digital and traditional channels effectively to connect with your audiences and bring the results you want:

Increased Brand Awareness

Improved Customer Loyalty

Maintain and Grow Market Share

Improve Lead Generation and Sales

We use Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and other social channels too, to connect with your audience.

We help you develop the strategy that will work for your business, and we help you to implement and execute on that strategy too with creative direction across your web-presence, promotional materials and social media accounts.

See Samples of our Communications Design - which were  created using the same strategic processes that focus on the key markets, their interests, the media they can be connected via, and the visuals / language that will connect with them- to deliver the marketing message effectively.

We have worked with:



Mike McGrath,

PTI Co-Founder | Arvo MD |

EU eTeg Expert | supply.ie Founder

Andrew is a thoroughly organised "creative" which is a great combination to deliver a professional service. Andrew provided us with great ideas and images in the past; turned around quickly and we look forward to working with Andrew on future branding initiatives.

I have worked directly with Andrew on a weekly basis since early 2018 on a variety design and branding projects across a range of media and industries. Andrew has worked on some projects for clients of WebArt Ltd and other graphical and branding work for other businesses of mine. Therefore, I have experience of how well Andrew can work very closely and effectively with clients directly to develop branding design when needed, while at the same time can take instruction and develop the concept from an outlined brief as required. His work is always of the highest quality and comes with supporting explanations where necessary to demonstrate the meaning of the concept and how it meets the requirements of a project or brand. I have worked with many designers over my career and Andrew’s skills in Graphic Design are excellent, but he also is an experienced visual and brand consultant and a consummate professional who brings a unique understanding of his craft to every task. He always seeks to understand the brand values, target market and business ethos to ensures this is not only captured in his work but never compromised.

Jenny Fahy, Founder & CEO

Life Connections CLG |

National Parents Council Trainer

Very happy with the brand consulting process with Andrew Brett of Via Brett. He really gave the time and energy to the creative process. I can highly recommend him to Social Enterprises.

Working with Andrew Brett

Get in touch for a conversation of value and to  learn more about how we can work together to define and achieve your business goals.

Andrew Brett

Brand Strategist and Marketing Executive

at Via Brett

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Email: andrew@viabrett.com

Phone: +353868610973

Address: Cork City, Ireland

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